I came into this world on July 21, 1990. I am the youngest of 4 siblings so by default also the favorite of the family and the one that got away with a lot of mischief. From youngest to oldest is me, Edin Jr., Jen Cruz, Rony Canales. All which had unique interesting roles in my life. My parents are both from Guatemala and did an amazing job at providing all I needed to succeed in life. I was usually the trouble maker and had quite the reputation at causing mayhem. I can honestly say they have put up with a lot, bless their little hearts lol.

Growing up I enjoyed playing guitar and drums. I was apart of a couple of bands in High School and college. Usually covering plenty of Blink-182 & Weezer songs. Tom Delonge (Blink 182 guitarist) was the reason why I picked up the guitar in the first place. My first electric guitar was a ES-335 Signature Tom Delonge hallow body guitar with the racing stripe in the middle and only one knob for volume. I loved staying up late and just writing songs.

Apart from music, I love nature. I’ve spent a week in the Olympic National Forest backpacking, Zion National Park in Utah, and climbed the submit of San Gorgonio Mountain in Southern California, twice. Mountains bring a rush of joy and adrenaline even when i just see them from afar driving on the road. On my 21st birthday I skydived out of plane at 15,000 ft in the air. At 22, I bungee jumped off Bridge to Nowhere. I am always trying to seek the next adventure that challenges me and I carry that same passion in life.

My desire in life is to bridge the secular realm of music, photography, and film with hungry hearts that want to see their cities and culture transformed by the love of Jesus. I want people to listen to the radio and hear songs that would’t constitute as “worship music/contemporary”, though i have a huge passion for worship music, but songs with lyrics that people can relate with in a deeper level. I’m going to continue to grow in capturing moments behind the lense that tell a story and short films that will inspire dreams and passions to come alive again.

Above all the artsy stuff, my goal in this lifetime is to empower people and to bring out the gold in them and simply love them as the Father has loved me. I am going to prophecy to many, witness blind men see, lame men walk, cast out demons, and in this lifetime, I am believing to raise a dead person back to life.

Only a crazy faith is required and I am believing to become a catalyst of transformation for this generation that carries on to the next.

Giovanni Canales