My Story

I am now 26 years old, born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. As a child, I remember always having a passion for music. I would destroy my mother’s sofa banging on the covers with drumsticks pretending I was a part of a band. I would always sneak into the sound booth at my church and watch the engineer mix the worship team on stage. And then, after service sitting by the stairs of the altar, I’d watch the musicians continue to play. Then they would step down and i would just be so in awe of their gifts. I not only wanted to play music, but I craved to be used by God. I was convinced that one day I would learn to play an instrument and become a musician, and one night I cried earnestly for God to use me in such a way.

At the age of 12, I started my own worship team named “Consuming Fire”. We would play worship covers and play them at our local church. Soon later, we began to be invited to play at different churches and events. And the desire to write my own songs began to grow within me. But shortly after, a couple of years later, I departed from serving God, and abandoned my desires due to the temporary pleasures the world had to offer. I began to smoke pot almost everyday, ditch school, drink till I lost consciousness, and just rebel against authority. I was a little punk kid with a mohawk who followed his own rules. My parents didn’t know what to do with me, and all hope began to fade for my future.


A huge lightning bolt came down from heaven and the clouds departed and  a loud majestic voice began to speak and then….lol. I’m sorry but that didn’t happen haha. What really happened is that God met me at a party. I was drunk out of my mind and my brother had to pick me up. I felt such strong conviction of God speaking into my heart saying that this isn’t the life I have for you, and at the front steps of my house at 3am I cried out to God to help me. And He did. Fully embracing me with love, and without shame or disappointment, accepting me into His loving arms once again.

Fast forward, a couple of years later and by the grace of God, I have served 6 years as a Worship Leader at the Sanctuary Church in Costa Mesa, CA for the young adult ministry. I have written many songs, much that are yet to be recorded. I also began having a huge passion for photography and film. God began to stir the passions He had given me since I was a child, and I felt called into ministry. Not only the conventional ministry that might look like a nice little office at a church building, though that would be awesome too, but felt called into the realm of music, photography, and film. Out into the world, to bring a new wave, a fresh renaissance that God is emerging within the body of creatives within the church. A catalyst for change in culture, watching cities transform through the power of art that God has entrusted me with. He is the artist, and I am the paintbrush.

What am I up to now?

I am currently attending Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, CA. I am being equipped and empowered to bring revival in my sphere of influence. While I am in school, there are amazing stories God is birthing everyday through his people and I will be posting them on this blog. Please keep me in constant prayer, and if God stirs you up to partner with me in this adventure, please find the link in the home page to donate.

Blessings to you all and peace be with you.


Giovanni Canales