Here we go again!

Here we go again, another year of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and fully expectant for God to do great and wild unexpected things. It is the season for contention for more breakthrough, for my hunger and thirst to be satisfied as I constantly am in pursuit of God and all he has for me. … More Here we go again!

Thank You!

  Wow it’s been 9 months already! Time flew by so quick, and I know I said I was going to fill this blog with amazing testimonies, but once you realize the amount of books you have to read, and the homework you have to keep up with, the hangouts, the breakthrough moments, and the … More Thank You!

In a Funk?

Recently, I had this vision of being a leaf floating on top of a raging river headed directly at the edge of a waterfall. I was going on a tremendous fast rate of speed down this river and could feel the sense of fear as I approached the edge. The idea of being a fragile … More In a Funk?

Uganda Tales

Before Marie left to Uganda, the Lord had given me a vision of her jumping off an airplane, and though Marie is terrified of heights, and I can guarantee you skydiving is not in her bucket list, in my vision she had the hugest smile I have ever seen. I knew that what the Lord … More Uganda Tales


Before our eyes opened You knew the color in which we would see through Some black in which we would see darkness Some blue in which we would see and feel the improvised soul Some red in which the root of all evil plots against the weak But you oh God created the contrast Brought … More Redemption

The Secret Place

Growing up in church, I always felt taught that developing intimacy with the Lord looked like locking yourself in your own room and praying for a ton of hours or spending a lot of time reading the Bible. Though I strongly believe that spending time alone with God is a necessity as a believer and … More The Secret Place

Cliff Divin’

Since the time I was beginning to raise funds for my tuition for school, the Lord has been pressing on me about trusting Him in my finances. My entire life it has honestly always been a challenge for me. Even with tithing, and offering, I’ve always had a tight grip on every penny in my … More Cliff Divin’

Boulder Creek

When looking for an apartment here in Redding, I honestly was just looking for the cheapest rent I could find. I stumbled across this website called Revival Apartments and immediately I was sold on the price. But then after looking at the details I noticed that the owners had a completely different game plan. Revival … More Boulder Creek