Here we go again!

reddingHere we go again, another year of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and fully expectant for God to do great and wild unexpected things. It is the season for contention for more breakthrough, for my hunger and thirst to be satisfied as I constantly am in pursuit of God and all he has for me. This time, with my soon to be Mrs. Canales by my side. She will be starting First Year of BSSM while I do 2nd year and we could not be any more excited and nervous at the same time. A lot of has happen since our time here so let me fill you in just a bit in a tiny nutshell!

I have been keeping myself busy with my photography business, building my portfolio, making connections and soon launching my website in just a couple of weeks. I’ve also been doing a lot of writing with Marie and creating music that we hope to record soon. I’m currently still playing electric guitar for the Bethel Healing Rooms and God has supplied all my gear to do so. God fulfilled a dream I had early in the year of playing with a black Gretsch and it on the week of my birthday last month, I was donated a black Gretsch. I had sold all my gear last year to pay for my tuition, and this year God had provided all the gear I need with the hopes of playing for the worship team at school.

In the midst of trying to enjoy our summer while the hot weather is in the triple digits, Marie and I have been planning our small wedding at a Ranch north of Bethel. On the day of our wedding, on Sep 23, it is said that all the planets will align and a fulfillment of a prophecy found in Rev 12. Not joking look it up haha. As we continue to trust in the Lord for radical amounts of provision, we are fully preparing our hearts and spirits for the upcoming school year.

We know what God is doing in our lives is foundational to setting us up for success in what we hope to step fully into in our lifetime. I mean, we are going to do it all, preach and disciple in different nations like India, Thailand, and Africa, as well as become creative leaders in todays culture in music and in the arts. We plan on building creative business that will allow us to give back into the kingdom. We are destined to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit through signs and wonder where ever we go, and are passionate of seeing others come fully alive in who they were made to be and come to know the love of the Father.

As of now, we are believing God for financial breakthrough in the area of our tuition. If you choose to partner with what God is doing in our lives and in the kingdom, please click the link below to donate directly.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read! And we hope to continue creating updates for you all!

Much Love,

Gio & Marie

Links below!!!

Marie’s Tuition

Gio’s Tuition



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