Thank You!



Wow it’s been 9 months already! Time flew by so quick, and I know I said I was going to fill this blog with amazing testimonies, but once you realize the amount of books you have to read, and the homework you have to keep up with, the hangouts, the breakthrough moments, and the never ending pursuit of God, time was a luxury I did not have to keep this site updated. But I am glad to inform you that as of May 9th, 2017, I successfully graduated from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry – 1st Year. Yes I know you can scream for joy and celebrate, please send me your positive affirmations to my inbox!

I can honestly say that this year has been completely life changing, and I’ve seen and heard about so many miracles and testimonies that have occurred during my time here that has altered my expectation in the face of impossibility. To share briefly of what has been happening in my own personal life, I have tasted and seen the goodness of God and have stepped into so much freedom of what a son, a man, and a passionate follower of Jesus Christ means to me. bsDuring these 9 months, I’ve had to stare at fear and shame in the face, be vulnerable with others, renounce lies, chase after breakthrough after breakthrough believing that in the other side of fear lied freedom. I realized how I was the gatekeeper of my own destiny and it was time to allow myself to go in. I had to learn how to listen to my heart again and recognize that my needs matter, my voice matters, and I am worthy of being championed and loved. That God is actually delighted with my process and is championing me the entire time, and not looking at his watch wondering how long it’s going to take me to get it. I know this may sound simply put, but I went on a completely heart journey on what it meant to be a son of God and rest in His unfailing love. That He is as good ad He says he is and that He is for my life, not against it.

This entire journey isn’t over yet, but there are some honorable mentions that I wanted to thank for pouring into me and sewing into what God is doing in my life here in little ol’ Redding, CA. These are the people that without hesitation, sewed into my life and believed in me since the start. They have supported me financially, emotionally, spiritually, and been amazing friends and family. Thank you to my family: Marie Isabelle Ray, Silvia Ray, Edin & Jessy Canales, Will & Jennifer Cruz, Rony & Helen Canales, and my parents Edin & Delmi Canales. Friends: Andrew Phalen, Agnethe Haugegaard, Ben Kalemera, Renee Rojas, Greg Negrete, Daniel & Victoria Barry, Isai Ruiz, Flor Aguirre, Angel Zelaya, Ruth Outram (Revival Group Pastor) , all the INTERS,my ENTIRE REVIVAL GROUP, Todd & Nancy, Michael & Rebecca, my roomates: Max, Caleb, and Blake, the entire Boulder Creek Community, Nils Pickard, Stephen McKay, and to my anonymous donors that faithfully came in always at the right time plus many more people. I am so sorry if i failed to mention anyone else’s name, but please comment and I will fix it! I appreciate with full sincerity and love all that you have done to make this year possible, weather we spoke only once, or received just $10 from you, to those that without even asking somehow got my rent paid in time, to even being able to type this blog through a laptop that was donated to me. Thank you and know that what has been sewn will reap a harvest for generations to come, and the impact you’ve made does not go unrecognized and unseen. God is faithful and good and I bless you with abundance, prosperity, and peace in Jesus name.

What’s Next?


Well I’m getting married this year to my beautiful fiance´Marie Isabelle Ray, and during the summer we are going to launch a creative business that has been in the works all year so stay in tune for that.

Marie is got accepted into 1st Year BSSM. If  you would like to donate towards her tuition click here. 

I’ve applied for 2nd Year of BSSM. I have heard clear direction from God, and this journey is not over yet, it has only begun…

So please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we venture into this new season.


Giovanni Canales

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