Uganda Tales

Before Marie left to Uganda, the Lord had given me a vision of her jumping off an airplane, and though Marie is terrified of heights, and I can guarantee you skydiving is not in her bucket list, in my vision she had the hugest smile I have ever seen. I knew that what the Lord was saying that on her mission trip, Marie was going to experience a profound new level of joy in the Lord like she has never experienced in her life.

Marie has been able to share with me some of the amazing things God is doing in Uganda. Show Mercy and the Bethel team has had the opportunity to teach in a school classroom of 50 kids! They taught them about King David, and how as a child he wasn’t the most significant son, but in the eyes of God, David was destined for the throne as King.

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They inspired kids to dream again and that God’s desire for them is to dream again. Kids declared their dreams to be nurses, doctors, scientists, accountants, teachers and much more! Show Mercy and the team was able  to renew the self worth and identity of these young children as sons and daughters to kings and queens in Jesus.

Marie’s experiences have been unique as well. The children instantly became drawn to her and craved her affection. Many have been able to have a deep encounter with God’s unconditional love simply by being hugged. Dozens of children from the age of 3-16 yrs old were taught, fed, and prayed over and are having a blast with the team.

It is beautiful to see the children’s faces just light up with joy and hope. She told me about this little girl named Betty who just laughed uncontrollably every time Marie kissed her on the cheek. This joy is spreading across the village and deeper within the team serving.

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Marie & Betty

I’ve seen many of Marie’s smiles, but it is amazing too see another level of joy in her smile that I have not seen as I’ve seen in these photos.

The team also had the opportunity to lead a Leader’s Advance at a church in Kakira. Over 200 pastors and ministers attended. Marie had the opportunity to share her testimony of how God freed her from depression and ministered the goodness and nature of God over the leaders. She gave words of knowledge, prophetic words, and prayed for healing over some of the leaders. About two-dozen received a healing, there was one deliverance, and all the pastors received a prophetic word from the team.

There is still so much more that the team has planned for the remaining of their trip. They are hosting a 4 Day Crusade and believing for 100,000 Ugandan people to attend. Partner with me and the team to intercede for a massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit and to ignite a sustainable revival in Uganda! Begin praying now for salvations, signs and wonders such has physical healing, deliverances, words of knowledge, prophetic words and more, more, more Jesus!

Also continue to intercede for the teams overall health, mind, and spirit. Pray for renewed strength, boundless energy, and overflowing love and compassion to flow from their hearts. Pray for their financial expenses and a hedge of protection over their lives as they continue to minister into the darkest places. Just take a minute just to thank God for what he is doing in Uganda and bless the Bethel Team and Show Mercy Int. These selfless men & women will be enjoying their Thanksgiving in the village serving and ministering to people, let’s take a minute to lift them up in prayer.

I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to read my blog (**cough PLEASE SHARE, cough cough**) I believe that living a life of facing the impossible really produces character and faith. When we put our faith in Jesus to do the impossible, miracles happen. That is my intention behind these blogs. Keep pressing in and believing.

-Giovanni Canales

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