A “Yes” Goes A Long Way

ray-6250I am beyond excited for my amazing wonderful girlfriend, Marie Isabelle Ray, for the opportunity she is getting with Bethel Church to be apart of a missions trip to Uganda, Africa next month for a week during Thanksgiving week! Bethel is partnering with Show Mercy International to conduct open air crusades, do outreaches in remote Ugandan villages, and conduct leaders advances with kingdom leaders from different regions in the nation. They will serve the local missionary ministry, Show Mercy International, who are accomplishing amazing things in the provision of support for orphaned and abandoned children in Uganda.

To give you a little context of this story, Marie has been receiving prophetic words within the last 2 years about proclaiming the gospel and healing the brokenhearted in Africa. It’s been a passion stirring deep inside her for a very long time to minister to the pain and sorrow of the African people. ugAbout a month ago, we were both listening to some worship music, and I began to have a vision of Marie dancing with little African children in a circle. I felt the Lord saying that “the time is closer than you know.” That same week, she had an amazing encounter with Jesus at Bethel Twin View on a Sunday night compelling her that her time was now to go into the nations.The next day, with much enthusiasm and ignited passion, Marie emails the director of Bethel Mission Trips to inquire if there was any trips soon and she receives an email back stating that the only available mission trip left leaves in a month to Uganda, Africa.( jaaawww droppppin’)


Without any hesitation, she immediately said Yes to the call. I’ve learned in my journey with Jesus, that a Yes goes along way. God doesn’t look at what we don’t have, but what we do have. Jesus was able to multiply food and feed the thousands with the loaves and fishes the disciples had not the loaves and fishes they didn’t have. I mean, we serve a God of miracles right?! The amount of money Marie needed to raise was approx. $3,000 with the deadline approaching on Oct. 31st. We knew, and we knew that we knew that she was going to Uganda on divine assignment and that God was going to make it happen supernaturally. All we had to do is believe and pray.

Let The Testimonies Begin…

Marie was completely sold out for this divine assignment that we placed her 1993 GMC Jimmy for sale on Craigslist. That morning, Marie shouted in my living room, ” I declare that my car will be sold today in Jesus name!” About 4 hours later, I received an email from someone who agreed to purchase the car, and not only that, but agreed to purchase it for $400 more than the price we placed on the ad!!! I thought it was too good to be true, but surely enough, God’s favor began to hover Marie.

Let me tell you, If you want to begin to see heaven’s gates open over your finances, praying is a good place to start. Marie and I began to declare for God’s provision and shortly thereafter, donation after donation began to flood into Marie’s mission trip fundraiser. She was even receiving funds from anonymous donors! uganda

While we began to see the Lord’s faithfulness in her fundraiser, we began to discuss about how the clock was ticking in purchasing a round trip airfare ticket. We didn’t even know where the money was going to come from, but we stood on the promises of the Lord to give us the faith we needed to press forward.

About a week ago, Marie received a call from her mom to bring her the news that she deposited $1000 into her account for her airfare. I mean, C’mon!!!! GO Jesus!!! That same night, Marie planned on her search for a plane ticket. Most roundtrip tickets to Uganda were starting around $1200. It was just not in the budget, but once again Marie declared,    “In Jesus name, I will find a plane ticket less than $1000 by tonight.” After a while of searching, we were about to stop the search until a flight appeared for $981. We couldn’t believe it. After checking out the details, we noticed that there was only 1 seat left remaining, and without thinking twice, we booked it.

Daddy ( Father in Heaven) , loves handing his children gifts. When we position ourselves as sons and daughters, and believe in our hearts that we are worthy of receiving love, it enables a steady current of His love from His heart to ours. God is in the business of blessing His children. Marie received an additional gift she didn’t ask for. The plane back from Uganda has an overlay in Frankurt, Germany for a day. Marie’s brother, Norman Eckert, lives in Frankurt, Germany and she is going to be able to spend a day with him.


Marie leaves for Uganda on November 16 for a week. Until then, it becomes a crucial and sensitive time to intercede for Marie for her health, mind, and spirit. Please partner with us in prayer and encouragement this month. We appreciate all your support, love, and prayers. It has impacted our lives greatly, and we want to stay in constant communication as best as we can. Please Contact us for any prayer requests, encouragement, or just to simply say hello!

I pray this testimony has inspired your heart and filled it with an overflow of love& hope. I declare heaven’s gates open over your finances and great breakthroughs coming your way. Stand in the power of testimony, and the promises God has for you!

Keep believing,

Giovanni Canales

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