The Secret Place

Growing up in church, I always felt taught that developing intimacy with the Lord looked like locking yourself in your own room and praying for a ton of hours or spending a lot of time reading the Bible. Though I strongly believe that spending time alone with God is a necessity as a believer and that we must all be students of scripture to gain wisdom and revelation, I know it’s not the only way of building intimacy with God. For many seasons I struggled with the idea of intimacy because I translated my relationship with others with my relationship with God. The idea of having to strive for affection and love from people affected my relationship with God. So i began to serve, and serve, and serve some more. I became so involved with serving at the church, believing that I am faithful and a loyal son. It wasn’t till I took a season to step down from serving that I realized that I was striving for the Father’s love and affection.

I believe many times we can easily fall into that mindset of striving. We unintentionally fall into that mindset for many reasons. Either we grew up in a home based on performance and conditional love. Or lived in a culture where people engage in relationships for their own gain and benefit. And unfortunately, we begin to see our Father in heaven with the same mindset. We start to believe that there is a struggle to connect with Him when in fact his promise to us is that he will never leave us nor forsake us.

In fact, He is constantly pursuing us. I mean He chose us before the foundations of the earth! (Ephesians 1:4) .We are always connected to Him, and it’s not always  based off an emotional experience, but on the promises He has for us.  Intimacy with the Lord can really be what you make it to be because you carry the secret place in you. Wherever you are, the secret place is with you. You can ride a bike, go hiking, paint, play music, dance, sing, cook, etc. Whatever it is, the Father takes delight when you are simply having fun in His presence and just know that you are wanted in His presence! (Hebrews 10:19).

The Challenge 

I want you to do something different that you normally wouldn’t do to enjoy God’s presence. I for instance wrote a poem this morning. Maybe I’ll post it in another blog soon. But do something different and interesting and you’ll see through it that God speaks to you in so many ways!


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