Boulder Creek


When looking for an apartment here in Redding, I honestly was just looking for the cheapest rent I could find. I stumbled across this website called Revival Apartments and immediately I was sold on the price. But then after looking at the details I noticed that the owners had a completely different game plan.

Revival Apartment

Revival Apartments is much more than your average apartment. They intentionally house a couple of BSSM (Bethel School) students to live in the roughest parts of the neighborhoods to bring revival and city transformation to the communities! That only got me more fired up to live there.

We (BSSM students) got together and began planning our first House Gathering for our community. We met with the locals there, some who were still battling addictions, some who have had affiliations with gang members. I wasn’t too worried since I’ve grown up in a similar “ghetto” area myself growing up.After inviting a few, only one person showed up to our house gathering. Her name is Gina.

The Miracle:

We were exited that at least one neighbor showed up to our House gathering. After our little time of worship, we asked Gina if she would like to receive some prayer. After agreeing, we all began to lay hands on her and the Spirit of the Lord came upon her. Her body began to shake and she was overcome by the power of God and began to speak in her spiritual language. Supernatural joy began to fill her heart and she then collapsed onto the floor. This is the part that gets intense…Gina had come in with a limp, and it turns out that her left leg was about 1.5 inches shorter than her right leg. We straightened her two legs together to see the comparison. After the noticeable difference, we all began to pray and commanded the left leg to grow in Jesus name! And the 10 of us witnessed Gina’s leg grow right before our eyes! The left leg when into alignment and matched her right leg. We had her stand up and the limp was gone, her knees matched, and she was able to now walk free of pain! We all gave thanks to God and were celebrating the miracle.

This is just one of many miracles I’ve witness so far, but I just want to encourage to believe in the impossible because God is able. Step out in faith and pray for someone that is dealing with some sort of sickness, even if its a headache or a cold. Nothing is impossible for Jesus. We are called to heal the sick!! Be encourage my friends and keep checking in for more powerful testimonies!


Giovanni Canales

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