The Adventure Begins…


Faith is spelled R-I-S-K.  Leaving the comfort of a steady check, family, and friend took a lot of it. God was calling me out to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, CA. With no promise of what the future will hold, out of obedience to the call, I moved my life to Northern Cali to pursue God in a deeper level. Little that I know that His first objective was simply to figuratively reach into my chest and perform open heart surgery, though I am being extremely exaggerated, God was ready to heal many chambers in my heart that needed healing that i didn’t know needed healing. My destiny is awaiting nonetheless, but there is no rush to getting to my destination, this season is simply about having joy in the journey and surrendering to the process.

I am excited to announce this blog is officially launched and I am ready on taking everyone on this journey with amazing testimonies, radical breakthroughs, supernatural stories of everything I am experiencing here in and outside of school. The purpose of this blog is to take you on that adventure with me and allowing the stories to become a powerful tool to bring hope, peace, love into your life.

Please keep me in constant prayer as I will keep you in mine. Peace be with you all. 🙂



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